End of the 90s. Finnish student Laura travels from Moscow to Murmansk to see ancient rock paintings. Her only neighbor in the compartment is a miner named Ljoha, a gloomy unsociable type. The long road through the snow brings them closer. Long railway. But Ljoha and Laura have something else in common, besides the coupe, which they are forced to share: both feel like strangers in this world.

Film Credits

Sergey Selyanov
Sol Bondy
Riina Sildos
Seidi Haarla
Dmitry Belenikhin
Dinara Drukarova
Yuriy Borisov
Polina Aug

More Information

Compartment Number 6 Logo
Country: Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany
Language: Russian, Finnish
Released:10 July 2021
Duration: 106 min
Genres: Drama

Compartment Number 6

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