A young film director returns to Venezuela, inspired to make a film based on his father's life in the Amazon jungle (La Fortaleza, Jorge Thielen Armand). He casts Father to play himself. What starts as an act of love and ambition — filmmaking to more deeply understand the self, and the other — spirals into a process which confronts Father’s struggles with addiction and his life devoid of his son. EL FATHER PLAYS HIMSELF holds a steady lens to the way the act of cinema unearths, binds, heals and destroys.

Film Credits

Mo Scarpelli
Jorge Thielen Hedderich
Jorge Thielen Armand

More Information

El Father Plays Himself Logo
Country: United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Venezuela
Language: English, Spanish
Released:25 April 2020
Duration: 105 min
Genres: Documentary

El Father Plays Himself

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