LADY BOSS: THE JACKIE COLLINS STORY takes us on an immersive journey through the trailblazing life of Jackie Collins. Spinning together fact and fiction, this feature documentary tells the untold story of a ground-breaking author and her mission to build a one-woman literary empire. Narrated by a cast of Jackie's closest friends and family, the film reveals the private struggles of a woman who became an icon of 1980s feminism whilst hiding her personal vulnerability behind a carefully crafted, powerful, public persona.

Film Credits

Laura Fairrie
Lizzie Gillett
John Battsek
Terry Wogan
Laura Lizer
Mort Janklow
Melody Korenbrot
Barbara Davis
Jackie Collins
Joan Collins

More Information

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15 årUnge ned til 12 år sammen med voksne
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English
Released:2 July 2021
Duration: 96 min
Genres: Documentary

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

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